About Me


Nicole Beck

Hi! If you struggle with organization, you’re not alone. Every day people feel like they can’t keep up with their homes and/or papers, let alone get ahead or on top of things. People often feel swamped and isolated, without the guidance or knowledge of what to do. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there and the struggle is real!

Despite what anyone will tell you, people aren’t born organized. I fully believe everyone learns to become organized. Staying on top of things, keeping up with housework, bills, mail and the ever changing and constant demands of life, kids, and family is no easy feat.

Craving to live an organized and streamlined life, I learned a variety of methods and tools that have helped me over many years manage my own home, life, and paperwork. I’m excited to share these programs with you.

If you want to begin experiencing a more productive life, please call or email me at the number below.

Sunday Basket workshops are offered independently from my program and in a group setting for those who interested in starting with learning to organize day to day paperwork first.

I’m located in Pleasanton, CA but am available to meet in person or virtually!